June 20, 2018

A Medical Relationship

Having a relationship with the person who provides you with your primary medical care is a difficult thing nowadays. People who need to go to the doctor often just go at whatever time is most convenient to them. For primary care facilities most people do not really think they need to go to any individual doctor since they do not really care who treats them as most doctors are able to provide adequate primary care and all of them will more or less treat the patients the exact same way. Patients no longer feel like they have any type of relationship with a doctor and do not feel that there is any certain doctor that works well for them so they go to whoever is available to them at the time.

To a medical professional this behaviour might seem problematic because of how easy it is for mistakes to happen when too many different doctors have treated the same patient. However, many doctors do not realize that this occurs because of them and the way they treat patients. Quite often a lot of doctors do not treat the patients as individual humans who have walked in to their office but rather as patients who are just another part of the job. This alienates the patients from feeling like they can trust the doctor with their treatment. Doctors not able to break through the wall and create a relationship with their patient always cause patients to feel this way.

This is the exact sort of thing that Dr. Ian Kroes is trying to finish off with his brand of concierge medicine that is meant to create a relationship with the patients built on top of feelings of compassion, care, and trust between the two parties to believe in each other helping out.