April 21, 2018

Aesthetically Pleasing And Cosy

Even though we no longer need to light fires inside of our homes just so we can stay nice and toasty, fireplaces still have their charm. Imagine sitting by a nice warm fire and watching the flames dance as you sip a nice hot drink, sounds lovely already doesn’t it? Some homes still have fireplaces complete with chimneys built into them but for those that do not, there’s always ethanol fireplaces.

In many ways, ethanol fireplaces are even better than traditional ones. For starters, you can have one of these in any room since you don’t need a chimney for these, which leads us to their second biggest advantage – they produce no smoke. These fireplaces are basically burners that run on ethanol instead of actual firewood. Unlike burning wood, ethanol leaves no soot or smoke behind as it burns and produces quiet and warm fires. Thanks to how these fireplaces work, you don’t have to worry about things like picking up the ashes once the fire’s out cold, sweeping your chimney clean or even having smoke all over the place.

Bioethanol produces a lot of heat but none of the undesired waste that you get while burning wood. This is why it’s becoming more popular as a heating method than wood burning stoves and the like. These fireplaces are easy to install and like we said earlier, you can have one in each room in you wanted to. They come in so many sleek and stylish forms, which means that they complement anything. Fires For You has a wide selection of ethanol fireplaces that are worth checking out if you’re considering this economical and clean heating method for your home. They may not be traditional but they most certainly have the charm and then some.