June 20, 2018


Why Your Internet Might Be Slow

Even though the internet is one of the most important aspects of our day to day lives, we understand less about it than we might like to think. The fact of the matter is that a lot of the reasons we have for our internet being slower than we would like it to be are a mystery to us. Read on to find some amazing information about the best broadband, information that you might not have thought about because you would never have imagined that these things would have an impact on your internet at all.

One of the more obvious examples of this is background apps. We often forget about background apps because, well, they do run in the background after all. However, though we may not notice them running, they do work quite a bit and end up using up a lot of your bandwidth. Hence, you will be left with less bandwidth for your actual net surfing, thus resulting in lower speeds that would certainly end up causing a fair amount of frustration for you. It is highly recommended that you shut down all background apps on your PC save for those that you find to be absolutely necessary.

It is also highly possible that you have viruses on your computer, and these viruses are going to affect every aspect of your system. Your entire computer is going to slow down, which means that your internet speeds are going to end up slowing down a great deal as well. If you want to prevent this problem from occurring it is highly recommended that you update your antivirus so that your computer becomes free of all maladies, thus resulting in a much more efficient system and consequently faster overall internet speeds as well.

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Choosing a Processor

When you talk about building a PC for gaming purposes you will need to know that the most important part of the computer will be the computer processor unit. The processor unit runs the entire computer and it is the deciding factor in what is and is not a good computer. These processors decide how powerful your computer is, what you will be able to do on it, and how quickly things can be done on it.

Things like multi tasking and 3 dimensional rendering will be dependent on your computer processor unit and how strong it is. There is a proper CPU hierarchy and in today’s article we will be talking a bit about that. There are different tiers of computer processors. Tier 1 computer processors are the absolute best type of processors that are available to anyone currently. These computer processors do a lot more than just run high end games, these are used to run entire servers and are honestly a bit of an overkill. These types of processors are ideal for people who have been gaming for a long time, know how to properly use the computer and have an idea of what they could use all that extra power for.

Just using them for gaming is a bit of a waste, however they are great for planning ahead as they will probably be able to run any game that comes out in the next 5 to 6 years, or maybe more. The Tier 2 computer processors are a better idea, even for veteran gamers, as they will be able to run any game that is currently available and probably games that are about to be released in the near future too. These are easier to use and provide a great experience for people looking to game with them.

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How to Properly Choose a VPN For Streaming Content

Watching foreign content is a total joy, especially when you know that there is some amazing content available on the internet, especially when it comes to foreign television. However, the sad thing is that there are times that you get the content unavailable issue, and in a situation like that, you really don’t have any choice but to use the VPN.

If you want to regarder chaines francaises depuis l’etranger, and you are outside France, then you might want to use a good VPN that allows you to stream the content without any issue whatsoever. Choosing a VPN is not all that difficult, especially if you know about the nooks and crannies that accompany the decision making. As for right now, I am only going to talk about how you can properly choose a VPN for streaming content properly. Let’s have a look, shall we?

Make Sure You Check The Reviews

Before you go ahead and download the VPN that you are going to use for streaming, make sure you check the reviews to see whether the VPN is good enough for you. There are some cheap options available in the market that end up doing more harm than good. So that is one thing that you must keep in mind.


If you want the PVN for the sake of streaming, then I would suggest that you just go ahead and buy it. Why? Because the VPNs that are available for free normally have more issues in them than you would want; and the biggest issue that most of the free VPNs go through is the issue of throttling which ends up reducing your download speed. That is never a good thing when you want to stream the content without any issue.

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To The Colour

Most people already know what the benefits associated with virtual private networks are. Most of time, people don’t really need them but sometimes there are websites or other online resources that are confined behind region-locks. VPN’s help to bypass that detail considering that suddenly being restricted from some resource you’re already accustomed to using is going to be quite inconvenient. You might not think about it too much now, but many people would recommend the use of an online virtual private network for the confidentiality it provides in those scenarios where websites you surf can be questionable at best.

Not even that, there are tons of hackers that are more than happy to get a hold of your credit card information. Using a virtual private network allows you another degree of security from the threats that the online world has to present. There are tons of different VPN service providers out there, just look at the services offered by www.norskelan.online. The level of security and the attention to detail between the various providers, for the more tech-savvy user they could want to set up a private network all by themselves, others are happy to get the basic download and install application that fits onto their web browser as a plug in or maybe as a software for the computer.

There are pros and cons to both. With the basic installation VPN’s, some of them are paid and others are free. Some free ones are going to ask you to sign up and won’t let you use them without that. It can be hassle but some free VPN services are actually quite reliable in what they do. Being able to access otherwise restricted websites can really help people who aren’t used to having their online material censored in the first place.

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Things to Consider When Buying an Activity Bracelet

If you are in the market looking for an activity bracelet, then the good thing is that there are countless options available that you can choose from. Activity bracelets have become much more common than they used to be in the old days, and more and more people are using them.

The saturation has reached a point where it becomes difficult for the average consumer to be able to buy an activity bracelet easily. With that said, I would always advise you to check out the reviews first, and for reviews, I’d suggest you head over to visit bäst i test and get all the information that you need. Right now, we are going to take a look at the things you need to consider when buying an activity bracelet.


Budget is obviously one of the most important factors that need consideration whenever you are in the market looking for a good activity bracelet. Sure, it is not something everyone would pay as much attention to, but I would still advise having a budget set in your mind to avoid any confusions down the line. It is just what I consider a better thing to do whenever you have to buy an activity bracelet.


Not all activity bracelets have the same features that you would want. Some are packed with features while others are just covering the basics. Whenever you are in the market for a good activity bracelet, make sure that you do check out all the features before going ahead and spending money. It is just a better practice, because that way, you are completely certain about what you need from an activity bracelet, and what you don’t’ need from it. Something that can certainly save you money and trouble.

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What to Do Before Selling or Upgrading Your Apple Device?

Apple fans can be found almost anywhere in the world and each year they seem to anticipate about the new updates and improved versions of the current version that they are using on their gadgets or devices. If you have noticed a few glitches or errors while using your newly bought MacBook or your iPhone seems to be lagging for no apparent reason, then these are clear indications that you should claim a free repair if it is still under warranty period or simply replace it to buy a new one. Many beginner apple users make the mistake of giving away their phones or selling it in the market without properly removing their private files and not only can it be difficult for the new user to properly operate the device but at the same time you jeopardize your personalized information. If you want to know about the crucial to-do’s before sending in your Apple products for repair, then make sure to visit the webpage of PC Doctor.

It is always wise to back up your important files such as documents, pictures, and music on your computer, so that you can access it in case of data loss. If you have not yet synced your files with the iTunes, then you should not delay it any further as some files can be highly valuable to you.

You might have authorized your phone or desktop to encrypt or bring changes to some information. This is the reason you should sign out of iTunes and all the applications that need some sort of authorization or authentication to be accesses. Applications such as Gmail, Safari, and online wallet can hold a large number of information that should be erased before you consider giving away your device.

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Mistakes People Make While Making The Switch to Cloud Solutions

When it comes to technology and solutions, people who are not tech savvy can make a lot of mistakes which can cause problems. So having a separate IT unit should be a priority if you are a company that is trying to successfully run a business. Since cloud solutions have caused a breakthrough in businesses more and more people and business owners are switching over to it but if you have not done that yet it is about time you also make the switch or else you will have a hard time keeping up with your competitors. If you have been searching for dependable cloud solutions our personal recommendation would be to check out Gurus Solutions, you can go through their website as it is very detailed and they have listed quite literally everything you will need to know about them and the services and products that they offer. With the increasing popularity Gurus Solutions is reaching new heights of fame and success which is going upwards. Following are a few of the most frequent mistakes people tend to make while trying to make the switch towards cloud solutions.

Not Specifying The Purpose

When you make the switch to cloud management solutions, you need to get an initial consultation done if you do not have IT experts in your own company. Once you get the consultation make sure that you have specified the purpose for which you want to get the cloud management and be as detailed about it as possible. This way the representatives can discuss and introduce you to different options you might have for a cloud solution, you will be able to realize that there are a few of them that you probably haven’t heard of as yet as well.

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A Wholesome Music Experience on Your Phone

Smartphones have come a really long way now and are now pretty much essential to have, everyone has a smartphone of some kind nowadays and everyone has a variety of different uses for their devices. The sheer beauty of the smartphone is its versatility and flexibility, a handheld computer that you can customise according to your needs and wants, all you have to do is download and install the right apps and you are good to go. Many people like to use their smartphones as portable music players as well, this use for smartphones has become increasingly common thanks to the ever growing on-board storage available on smartphones.

There are numerous music apps out there that you can get, some are for free while others are paid, all of them provide different levels of usability, and some of the fancier ones even come with built-in equalizers that let you turn your phone into a pretty flexible music player. However, almost all of them focus on adding fancy features and providing sound customisability while ignoring a really big problem; obtaining music for your library and having easy access to it at all times.

Even though phones are coming with more and more memory, many people prefer to stick to streaming music on the go due to the fact that obtaining music legally can be expensive. There are a lot of problems with having an offline music library, one of the biggest being that one cannot have instantaneous access to all the latest tracks and albums. Fortunately for many music lovers out there, Cricket has been hard at work at finding a solution for this problem and it seems like their hard work is about to make everyone a whole lot happier.

Cricket’s solution to this problem comes in the form of an app called Muve Music and a data package that provides you with unlimited data for streaming music. Muve Music is meant to provide Android users who are subscribed to Cricket, access to the latest music tracks at all times, their data package is available at a flat rate and provides users with a no limits download capacity for music, ringtones and audio. It also offers call time, messaging and web access, all of which you have to pay for only once per subscription.

The Muve Music app download link can be found on the app’s official website, one of the many things that make this app so great is the fact that it has undergone superb optimization, meaning that you will not have to deal with slow loading, laggy responses and other issues that might hinder your music listening experience. The app is also completely free of ads and it does not have a hard dependency on the internet, you can listen to music on it even when you are offline. You can read all the details about this app at its website, along with a list of phones with which the app is currently compatible.

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