June 20, 2018

Choosing a Processor

When you talk about building a PC for gaming purposes you will need to know that the most important part of the computer will be the computer processor unit. The processor unit runs the entire computer and it is the deciding factor in what is and is not a good computer. These processors decide how powerful your computer is, what you will be able to do on it, and how quickly things can be done on it.

Things like multi tasking and 3 dimensional rendering will be dependent on your computer processor unit and how strong it is. There is a proper CPU hierarchy and in today’s article we will be talking a bit about that. There are different tiers of computer processors. Tier 1 computer processors are the absolute best type of processors that are available to anyone currently. These computer processors do a lot more than just run high end games, these are used to run entire servers and are honestly a bit of an overkill. These types of processors are ideal for people who have been gaming for a long time, know how to properly use the computer and have an idea of what they could use all that extra power for.

Just using them for gaming is a bit of a waste, however they are great for planning ahead as they will probably be able to run any game that comes out in the next 5 to 6 years, or maybe more. The Tier 2 computer processors are a better idea, even for veteran gamers, as they will be able to run any game that is currently available and probably games that are about to be released in the near future too. These are easier to use and provide a great experience for people looking to game with them.