April 21, 2018

Get to Know The Process of Concrete Resurfacing

If you are planning to get concrete resurfacing done any time soon then we think that it is better that you become aware about the whole procedure as it will help you understand the updates the company would provide you regarding the process that would be taking place inside your house or office even. Go to https://www.looksgreatconcrete.com.au/ and if you go to the website, you would be able to find all information about their services, ethics and prices.

Site Preparation

The first step is to remove all signs of old concrete whether it is coating, patterns or sealers so the team of workers would take away every last bit of concrete from the particular surface that is supposed to receive the treatment.


Even after the concrete is removed from the surface, it requires proper cleaning so that it is easier to work with which is why most companies prefer to clean with a pressure washer so that every last bit of dirt is wiped off.


A very important step is to do the repairs to the surface because if the surface is resurfaced while it has problems then the new surface would not hold for long. In order to repair any old holes and crack, a machine like diamond crack chaser is used to mend up the surface. After that, the surface gets a treatment of epoxy mortar repair compound to fill up the damaged areas.


In this step primer is applied and polymer concrete is sprayed on the surface.

Coloring And Sealing

According to the client’s choice, the coloring and designing of the surface is done after which it is covered with a seal coat.


Curing is when the surface takes 3 days to dry.