May 25, 2018

Hope And Healing

Life throws so many obstacles at us and sometimes we may find it hard to deal with them, the courage and drive to deal with such issues and go head on against them requires one to be really strong mentally and spiritually, self-destruction is real and many may fall victim to it due to the trauma certain events in the their life has brought to them.

The most important thing to realize in such adversity is that there is always a chance to turn things around and there are countless examples of it, one really inspirational author I heard about a few days back was Jay Depoy, his story is inspirational and so are his words, the novel this little light has been widely appreciated and especially those who have that feeling of hollowness, depression and anxiety find this piece really helpful and soothing in many ways, Jay Depoy not only an author but a social worker as well helps homeless and addicts get over their challenging situations in Lakeshore church, Michigan.

Studies have proven that one in four goes through some sort of mental health issues at some part of a year and there may be different reasons behind it, acknowledging the fact that there is something wrong and it needs to be corrected is the first step then you can choose the self-help program or go through different therapies, what most do is just try to use pills which would help them get over depression and anxiety and that should be the last resort, science may not accept it yet but these spiritual health sessions have helped people greatly and they have been able to transform themselves and change their lives for the better, if you are among those who are looking for answers then author Jay Depoy’s this little light is worth reading.