June 20, 2018

Living in The City

For many people, living inside of big cities becomes the norm after graduating from college and university. With the biggest job opportunities mostly found in large metropolitan cities students end up going there to find some form of work and usually end up living in apartments for a while. For a country like Canada, this is expected and even encouraged as living on your own in cities helps someone who just entered the real world grow as a person. However, there comes a point where people are expected to get up and leave their city lives behind and start living in the suburbs to start a family. Generally it is thought that cities are not great places for children to grow up in and so a house in the suburb can be ideal. However, quite a lot of people still want to continue living in cities and raise their families there or just not have children at all and make their life in the big city instead of in suburban areas. This can be difficult as a lot of people find it really difficult to afford a proper house within the large metropolises of Canada, and even fewer want to spend their entire life in an apartment.

The solution to this problem comes with condominiums and condo projects that are starting up in major cities. Now generally condos, like the 357 King West condominiums projects, are proper houses that are simply stacked on top of each other to build a community. The benefit of living in a condo is that it will be a lot easier on your wallet than if you try and buy a house, condos tend to be around a half or one third the price of houses, and you can own the property yourself unlike apartments.