June 20, 2018

Make Vocal Mixing Simpler With VST Plugins

Music has the ability to make one feel a rush of energy and emotions, enveloping one in wave after wave of powerful beats, echoing reverb and rich choruses; almost any modern day music track consists of numerous layers of audio, all of which are digitally combined to produce a rich and wholesome listening experience. This process is called mixing, and is arguably one of the more complicated parts of producing music, and the hardest layer of audio to mix is the one that consists of vocals.

Since vocals are often what many people focus on, they need to be mixed with extreme precision to ensure that not even the minutest delays can be felt by the listener, vocals that are not in sync with the rest of the music can easily ruin an entire track. Mixing audio tracks to create music is a technical skill and an art form, one cannot simply learn this skill through practice alone; they also need to develop a feel for the music that they are mixing. Many experts will tell you that there is no right or wrong when it comes to mixing, as long as you are able to create a flow in the sound being produced and keep everything feeling holistic, you should be able to produce quality sound.

Since mixing can be tricky, many rookies have a hard time getting it right, especially if they are only pursuing the practice as a hobby. You can find various software out there that are designed to make the mixing process simpler, however, many beginners are unsure about their talents and therefore do not wish to purchase software. Such software can be expensive, but luckily, there are several free copies out there as well, free vocal VST plugins being extremely common.

Vocal VST plugins make the process of mixing vocals simpler, while there is a plethora of free vocal VST plugins out there, not all of them are worth using, some are simply too unreliable and others can be a pain to use, but with a bit of research and patience, you are bound to find a free plugin out there that will suit your needs and wants. Different kinds of plugins perform different kinds of functions, you can choose different types that appeal to you and mix and match to come up with a fantastic mixing rig that will have you mixing your vocals with the rest of your audio like a pro in no time.

These plugins can help add more volume to your vocals, add more life into them by letting you make minute adjustments, some even let you fix vital mistakes that could potentially ruin hours of hard work. The amount and variety of free plugins out there is endless, being able to find the right ones and learning how to use them can really help you grow as an audio mixing engineer and develop a better understanding of the mixing process as well.