June 20, 2018

Mistakes People Tend to Make While Detoxing For Weight Loss Purposes

When it comes to detoxing, you need to know that there is no such thing as a five day detox therapy after consuming unhealthy diet for a long time. So if you are actually considering detox, do it the right way or just don’t do it at all, it may sound blunt but some people tend to take short cuts or fads and it does not work out, and in most cases it can lead to health problems as well.

You should also know that a two day juice cleanse for the purpose of rebooting and rejuvenating just would not work. They may seem healthy but they are fads and can cause a lot of problems in the systems of your body. If you really want to cleanse your body from toxins then you should go on this website and check out different detox phases of diets and then customize it according to your needs, https://www.nutritionalcleansing.co.nz/. Following are some of the worst mistakes that you could make when it comes to detoxing for weight loss. If you really do want to detox, go to a nutritionist and consult them or do your own research, although former option is preferred by the experts. You can check out the mistakes down below.

Using Laxatives For Detox Purposes

If someone or some source advises you to use laxatives for the purpose of detoxing, you should steer clear of such advice. It is very dangerous and in some cases you can also form resistance and dependency towards the drug which further causes dehydration, IBS and also affect kidney and liver in a negative manner.

Binging on Food Before Starting Detox

If you think that you should just start binge eating food because after a few days you will start the detoxing process, then you are wrong. Stop thinking of it in such a negative light. Although this may seem like the right way to go but once you stop eating abnormal amounts of fried food and processed sugar, you will have major cravings which are difficult to deal with.