June 20, 2018

What is The Maintenance Process of a Telescopic Ladder?

Once you buy and use a telescopic ladder, you would realize that it is the best sort of ladder and you would never go back to using the ordinary kind but a telescopic ladder does require maintenance and you can learn about that here https://diyladders.co.uk/maintenance-telescopic-ladder/. If you do not maintain the ladder then you would be decreasing its lifespan and might even end its warranty if you make a mistake which is why it is necessary to follow the proper maintenance procedure for the ladder so let us review it briefly.

Dry The Ladder

The most important point of maintenance that you need to remember about a telescopic ladder is that you should never ever try to store it if the ladder is wet or damp. You would need to dry down the whole ladder with a dry cloth every single time after its use and ensure that no damp spot is left.

Spray It

If you feel that the ladder is wet and the dry cloth is not making much of a difference then it is advised to spray the whole ladder with a silicone spray which will help every spot of the ladder to dry.

Polish The Stiles

If you feel that the ladder is not retracting and extending as smoothly as it used to do then it means that the stiles of the telescopic ladder have been affected. In order to correct the problem, you would need to apply a silicone based furniture polish to the stiles and the smoothness would return.


The right position of the ladder whilst it is being used can slow down the process of wear and tear so make sure that there is a vertical surface meeting the plastic couplings of the ladder at the top.