May 25, 2018

Why Join Pilates

The most common and yet the most likely to be broken New Year’s resolution is to get fit or join the gym. The first month of the year is always really busy in gym, however once February hits, a lot of people start quitting and soon the gym is once again left with just the regulars. This is mainly because gyms are understandably not for everybody. However, if you are looking to get fit, you can opt for other means of physical exercise. You can find a lot of different exercises that are beneficial for weight loss, however for the sake of this article, we will be sticking to just Pilates and why you should try it out.

  • Pilates is a great exercise for people who are looking to work on their core since a lot of exercises focus on strengthening the core, so you will notice a visible difference after a few weeks.
  • Pilates also happens to be really good for strengthening your back, especially your lower back since it stabilizes the area. Some studies have found that Pilates does have a positive effect on people who suffer from chronic back pain. However, it is recommended to ask your doctor before you join.
  • As Pilates does not require a lot of strain, weight lifting or quick movements, it won’t affect your joints the way running on a treadmill does. So, it can be taken up by older people as well.
  • Since Pilates does require a lot of muscle movement, it will help open up and stretch out certain muscles and parts of your body, making you more flexible.
  • Pilates will also help enhance cognitive function to an extent, think of it like yoga but with a workout.

If you happen to be interested, you can look up pilates near me and you can go for a class or two and see if it suits you.