May 25, 2018

Why You Should Play More Cricket?

We all love playing certain type of sports whether it is outdoor or indoor based. The preference for a particular game can be influenced by the geographical location and age group of the individual and what are their priorities in life.

People who are addicted to indoor games such as chess or poker have great strategy and cognitive abilities because these games require high engagement of mind instead of the body. On the contrary, outdoor games such as football and cricket require the players to have outstanding physical health and strength, as they have to perform various activities on daily basis that could cause injury to an inactive body. You might be a beginner or an experienced cricketer but it is more than likely that you are not aware about the several health benefits of playing this sport.

Playing cricket can reverse all the adverse effects of practicing improper posture and sedentary lifestyle which is quite prevalent these days all over the world. This bat and ball sport includes a lot of sprinting and various throwing movements that act as a perfect cardio workout for the players. A typical fielder who has been assigned to save the boundaries has to be constantly on their toes to make sure the ball does not pass the boundary line. This helps the players stay in good shape because their calories burn on a much higher rate than spending the same amount of time in a cardio area of the gym.

Playing cricket many physical benefits just like any other outdoor sport but also improves the social and teamwork skills of the players. The players get accustomed to be on the media and interact with audience. Check out Meulemans Cricket Centre Perth to get cricket related products and services.